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My heart beats for spaces, colours, textures and the creation of images with an unique athmosphere. Pushing the imagination a little further is what spurs me on. And I just love, when everything comes to life on set.


With more than 25 years of experience gained all over the world, I deliver sets for film or photo shoots at a high level of quality. Either on location or in a studio. 

For IKEA alone, I have created over 70 film and photo sets with a team of specialists (such as garden designers, food stylists, special effects), depending on the task.

Another passion of mine is the design of interiors for real estates such as offices, vacation homes, medical practices or bars.

MA Filmdesign RCA  (Royal College of Art, London)

Dipl.-Ing. Interior Design  (FH Rosenheim)


Production Design. Art Direction.

All steps from idea to realisation. 
This includes moodbods, technical drawings, 3D renderings, so that all needs can be clarified before the set is realized in a studio or on location.

Interior Design.

All steps from the idea to realisation. This includes an inventory of the whites and dreams with the resulting design including mood boards, color samples and cost estimates.
Supporting office conversions with the use  of "new work" and "biophilic design" knowledge to meet todays requirements. Creating lively interiors for with magical athmosphere using my film experience.
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